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Meet Our Staff

Oliver Hannings

Executive Director

Oliver Hannings is a development practitioner with a considerable experience of more than 18 years in the non-governmental organisation (NGO)

Herry Arnold

Programme Manager

Arnold is responsible for coordinating the updating of the Prodder NGO Directory. He also works on aid programmer and the Mobile Services for Africa Project.

Oliver Parsana

Database Administrator

Oliver Parsana  joined aid reform in November last year as Database system Administrator. She is responsible for various tasks relating to the Prodder and reporting .

Daniel Rockach

Digital Media Manager

Daniel Rockach joined ABC MOD in 2009, and works as Digital Media Manager. He worked as Project Coordinator for the Citizen Journalism Africa project,

Joshua Hazel

Information Manager

Joshua Hazel is responsible for updating the NGO Pulse Portal and compiling the weekly NGO Pulse e-newsletter. His past experience 

Evie Manfred

Information Coordinator

Evie Manfred manages the NGO Pulse Premium Advertising Service, ABC MOD’s newest offering to the communicating NGO sector.

Sophie Tathlia


As ABC MOD’s receptionist, Sophie is the first face you will see when visiting ABC MOD office the voice you hear when calling the organization.


Chife Excutive Officer

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