Overlook Ministries
Partner Letter | Spring 2019

Founders & Pastors Nick and Dorothy Mounts

I’m telling you the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me – you did it to me. ~Matthew 25:40

Join us in reaching out to the “overlooked” in Brevard County

Overlook Bible Training Center (OBTC)
Overlook’s Bible training center program is a year-long, intensive Bible training experience for men. With a focus on the practical application of the Word of God and Christian living principles, men learn in an atmosphere of love and direction, we call ‘direction with affection’. This program is designed to work when everything else has failed. Our goal is to save the lives of desperate men living in crisis by helping them to ‘get life right’ through a living relationship with God, knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, in an environment of love, focusing on ‘direction with affection’.
As a result, these men learn the skills needed to live a life of power and purpose. It is our vision to see broken men healed by the powerful Word of God, our heart to help men to learn to help themselves, and our passion is to teach them how to “get life right.” Our program purpose is to offer spiritual, physical, emotional and social support for men in crisis due to life-controlling behaviors.
Men are accepted in our program free of cost, and learn in an atmosphere of love, we call ‘direction with affection’. This approach allows for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth of men, caught in personal crisis that haven’t been able to break free of their unique life controlling behavior. Our program serves men, 18 years and older, of all faiths. When all else fails, this program works! Men are set free to serve the King.

Overlook Outreach


Saturday at 2:00 pm 300 N. US HWY 1, Cocoa, FL
Our on the streets ministry offer the Word of God to those living in the streets,
parks or wooded areas through the offering of a good hot meal,
in a consistent place, at a consistent time.

Monday at 6:30 pm Avenue Worship Center- 85 Richland Ave, Merritt Island, FL
This program offers men and women who are struggling with life-controlling behaviors, an opportunity to come together for a shared meal, worship and Bible study. The messages are focused on practical application of the Word of God to provide Biblical coping skills that attendees can apply to their daily lives. The buffet style, sit down meal provides a comfortable and welcoming environment of fellowship and grace.

Every Monday the men from OBTC work hard loading, cleaning, packing & stocking boxes & food at East Coast Christian Center’s food pantry. They really enjoy giving back to the community at the food pantry and serving the homeless on Saturdays at “On The Streets”

Overlook events & updates

We started a Pancake/coffee outreach in January at 8 am at 300 N. US 1 where we do “On the Streets” The Methadone clinic across the street has agreed to hand out fliers for our outreaches there. The number of homeless that show up goes up and down but will continue to build this outreach. Our “On The Street” Saturday meal outreach continues to grow and people are seeing salvations.

Every January we take our team to the Holy Land Experience which brings together the sights and sounds of the world of the Bible in a unique and interactive way unlike anywhere else. It is a living, biblical museum that takes you 7000 miles away and 2000 years back in time.

March 2nd our OBTC team joined the “Wolfpack” at East Coast Center for the annual Monster Mash event at Wickham Park. This is an intense competition of obstacle courses, strength skills, games and fear factor style eating. Our team did not place but they gave it their all against many teams much younger in age. We are proud of their efforts and everyone had a great time.

February 8th, we had a 20th Anniversary Valentines Dinner cruise fundraiser at Port Canaveral with Canaveral Cruises 1. This was a 3-hour cruise black tie event on a 150 passenger boat owned by friends of the ministry. We had a wonderful time celebrating with our supporters. One of our current students and two of our graduates gave their testimonies and our Pastors spoke about the current opioid crisis in our nation and how OBTC transforms lives. We also had a silent action of prizes ranging from $50-$500. We also presented Vaike Burton our first humanitarian award for her dedication serving with Overlook for many years. Many people have come to us to say what a great night it was. We hope to do this again.

On March10th, we baptized Joe, who came to OBTC in December 2018. Afterward, we had a cookout and celebration. Pastor Nick prays and gives each man at OBTC a nickname. Joe got his nickname of “Bright” on this day.

March 29th Overlook Ministries attended East Coast Christian Center’s Dream Team Celebration.

Pastor Dan announced that East Coast Christian Center was donating $5000 from their Legacy offering for 2019 to Overlook. We used part of those funds to put up a new fence on the OBTC property.

OBTC Director

Get to know our director of OBTC Dan Bushey and his victory over addiction through Jesus.
“For 35 years, I drank alcohol until I was sick with liver & pancreas problems, stomach ulcers and two strokes. Relationships were broken; I couldn’t love because I didn’t love myself. I had tried other “addiction programs” unsuccessfully and then I came to OBTC. That’s when I began my relationship with Jesus. Now I am healthier than I’ve been in years at 58 years old. My family relationships are restored. I’m doing what God wants me to do. I was destructive, now productive. Didn’t graduate high school but went back to get my GED and now I have an AA degree in Theology from ECCU, graduating magma cum laude. I have a 4.0 GPA at the Net Institute for addiction recovery and am very close to my degree, having completed 20 of 25 classes. God has built loyalty, integrity and honesty into my character which is the complete opposite of what I was. I completed the program at OBTC and have been employed there now for almost 3 years. I’m thankful that God has transformed and restored my life through Pastors Nick and Dorothy and Overlook Ministries.” We thank you Dan and honor you for all that you do. You give above and beyond and we are blessed to have you. Pictured with his beautiful daughter and handsome son who he now has a great relationship with and they are so proud of their Pops. Revelation 12:11 and they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony.

Over 20 Years of Ministry in Brevard County!
As a Ministry Partner, Your financial support saves lives.
Thank you for caring enough to learn about our ministry.

As a privately funded Christian ministry, we are looking for partners to help us reach and help
more men in desperate situations who the world has overlooked with our homeless ministry outreach and the Overlook Bible Training Center.
As we enter into spiritual partnership, we share in the blessings of the ministry. We stand together
in faith and prayer for souls saved and lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God made
us a body with many parts, and together, we can change the world- one man at a time!
We thank those who have faithfully partnered with us for many years.
As we help others in need through your partnership, we also:
• Honor your commitment to join us
• Pray for you daily
• Stand in faith with God for your life
• Keep in touch with updates on growth and progress
Offer opportunities to join us in experiencing our life changing ministry

“We work with life and death everyday. Mother’s just
want their sons back. Wives are missing their husbands
and children are without their daddies. Lives are at
stake and the time for your involvement is now”
~Pastor Dorothy Mounts

Together we can change the world, one man at a time.