Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint. But happy is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 29:17

Ministering on the Streets

Ministering “On The Streets”

We envision the transforming power of the Word of God being offered to those the world has overlooked. We envision broken men being healed, as we help them to learn to help themselves. Our ministry focuses on providing the structures necessary to redeem, rescue, and restore those living in life controlling behaviors.

Our vision is alive in daily action and is renewed each day working in the field as we recognize that lives are at stake and the time is now!


To Redeem:
Redeeming lives from destruction



After the Baptism We Praise Jesus that the old has gone and the new has come!

After Baptism We Praise Jesus that the old
has gone and the new has come!

To Rescue:
Providing sanctuary and refuge
for those in crisis

OverLook Ministry's Bible Training CenterOverlook Ministry’s Bible Training Center

To Restore:
Restoring discipline and discipleship,
supporting productive living,
free from life- controlling behaviors

Ministering On The Streets
Listen to video link:   I Am Not Forgotten

Mission:  To affect the lives of those the world has overlooked due to their current circumstances of homelessness, life controlling behaviors, or Godlessness through the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus. 

Purpose:  To deliver the transforming power of the Gospel to those people who the world often does not see … those who are not able to give back at this time in their life and those who may be broken spiritually. To minister to the homeless, the Godless, and those suffering life controlling behaviors, providing a model reflecting the life and ministry of Jesus.

Overlook Ministries is funded through private donations of community partners and friends who believe in our ministry. We are currently seeking new financial partners in the expansion of our Bible training center.

There are lives in the balance. The ripples created in these circumstances push on in families and communities for decades, either in healing or in pain. The need is real, the time in now, lives are at stake.

Please consider becoming a ‘Lifesaver Partner’ or  ‘Foundational Partner’ if you have a heart and the means to help. Click the following video for more information about Overlook: Overlook Video

Learn more about how you can become a trusted partner in our ministry. See our vision expand with your help! Learn More about partnerships by contacting Pastors Nick & Dorothy Mounts at: 321-514-1868.