Pastors Nick nd Dorothy MountsPastors Nick and Dorothy Mounts are the founders of Overlook Ministries.  The couple was called into full-time street ministry in 1993 in Dayton, Ohio, where they were commissioned and ordained by Dr. Dean R. Lundsford.

Tragedy struck in 1996 when they lost their beloved son, who was part of their outreach ministry, to a drunken driver.  After a time of mourning, and in coping with their loss, they decided to move to Merritt Island, FL  in 1998 and begin attending East Coast Christian Center.

One day, while leading a small group, they had the opportunity to share about their ministry in Ohio.  After hearing about the local need, they agreed to go out into the streets to minister with some Eat Coast Christian members… One sandwich and one prayer in the streets was all it took. Their dream and calling was revived with a renewed passion and vision for ministering to the overlooked.

Offering support to those whom society, but not God, has given up on, they provide spiritual parenting, a spiritual family, and guidance to those who have nowhere to turn.

Since 1998 they have been faithfully serving Brevard County. With the help of the Overlook Ministries Board, the support of a caring community, congregation partnerships and private individual partners, and to the glory of God- their ministry mission is expanding.

Pastor Dorothy Sharing God's Word

Pastor Dorothy Sharing God’s Word

Our Purpose
The purpose of Overlook Ministries is to deliver the transforming power of the Word of God to those people who the world often does not see, the overlooked; those who are not able to give back at this time in their life. With God’s help, Overlook Ministries strives to bring them to a place where they are equipped to live a balanced, productive life.

We minister effectively to the homeless and those suffering life-controlling behaviors. This takes more than a “quick fix” approach, or a hand-out. We promote spiritual and emotional balance. This requires a unique blend of patience and tough love delivered in a consistent, stable environment.  We call this approach, ‘direction with affection’.  We strive to provide a non-threatening environment to support learning, personal growth, and personal responsibility to those who need help. We strive to provide a model reflecting the life of Jesus.


With God’s help we have built this ministry with hearts and hands of love. Enjoy this worship song link: Build This House…

About Overlook Ministries
Overlook Ministries has been active in Brevard County since 1998, ministering and continuously developing –

  • Monday night ‘Stepping Up’ dinner & Bible study for those suffering life controlling behaviors
  • Saturday ‘On The Streets’ sermons at 300 N. Cocoa Blvd. (US Hwy 1), delivering a message and a meal to those who are hungry for food, and/or God’s Word
  • Saturday evening church at 5:30pm at East Coast Christian Center
  • Counseling by appointment for those in need
  • Overlook’s live-in Bible training center for men who have tried everything else (OBTC)


We appreciate and would value your time, talents, and gifts to help more broken people in Brevard County.
To become involved, please contact us at (321) 514-1868 (Pastors Nick and Dorothy Mounts).