Pastors Nick and Dorthy Mounts

Program Director, Mitchell Nunn

Overlook Bible Training Center (OBTC) Program Overview:

Overlook’s Bible training center program is a year-long, intensive Bible training experience for men. With a focus on the practical application of the Word of God and Christian living principles, men learn in an atmosphere of love and direction, we call ‘direction with affection’. This program is designed to work when everything else has failed. Our goal is to save the lives of desperate men living in crisis by helping them to ‘get life right’ through a living relationship with God, knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, in an environment of love, focusing on ‘direction with affection’.

“He who the son sets free is free indeed!”~ John 8:36

The Bible training center offers an opportunity (to men who are in real crisis because of life-controlling behaviors) to:

  • Experience the transforming power of the Word of God
  • Intensely study the Bible in a group setting
  • Gain and deepen their relationship with Jesus
  • Learn personal discipline, social and work ethics
  • Be mentored and learn how to mentor others

As a result, these men learn the skills needed to live a life of power and purpose, which was intended for them.

"And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid;
you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows." Luke 12:7

It is our vision to see broken men healed by the powerful Word of God, our heart to help men to learn to help themselves, and our passion is to teach them how to “get life right.” Our program purpose is to offer spiritual, physical, emotional and social support for men in crisis due to life-controlling behaviors.

The men who need this program are walking the line between life and death. We recognize the severity and need for this program as we work daily with men who are desperate in our ‘On The Streets’ and ‘Stepping Up’ ministries. We meet many broken men in severe crisis who want to receive Jesus and be taught the practical application of God’s Word. These men need a relationship with Jesus, some support, and a safe place to ‘get right’.

Men are accepted in our program free of cost, and learn in an atmosphere of love, we call ‘direction with affection’.  This approach allows for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth of men, caught in personal crisis who haven’t been able to break free of their unique life controlling behavior. Our program serves men, 18 years and older, of all faiths, who are looking for something that actually works.

In our one-year program, students become wholly established—spirit, soul and body—with God, their fellow man and themselves. (Luke 2:52)

Our students participate in a six-month observation period following the on-site program completion which is administered by the student’s pastor. At the end of a satisfactory six months, the student receives their program graduation diploma. Often, our graduates choose to serve in the ministry and help others who are in desperate need.

Please note that Overlook Bible Training Center is not a halfway house, nor is it an alternative to jail. We offer a hand-up, not a hand-out. Men must complete the application process to be accepted into the program. We work on a first-come, first-served basis, and are subject to limited space in our current facility. If you know someone whose life is on the line and may be interested in our program, please contact us immediately. Lives are at stake!

“We work with life and death every day. Mothers just want their sons back,
wives are missing their husbands, and children are going without daddies. The need is great.”

Pastor Dorothy Mounts

Overlook Ministries is funded through private donations of community partners and friends who believe in our ministry. We are currently seeking new financial partners in the expansion of our Bible training center to meet a greater need than we can currently accommodate. There are lives in the balance. The ripples created in these circumstances push on in families and communities for decades, either in healing or in pain. The need is real, the time in now, lives are at stake. Please consider a partnership if you have a heart to help and the means to join us and help expand our ministry.

Video Song Link: Holy Spirit (You're Our Living Hope)